How to Introduce Yourself in an Email Templates

How to Introduce Yourself in an Email (With Examples!)

Are you looking for a new job? Excited about taking a class? Expanding your clientele? In any of these situations (and a bunch of others!), writing a good introduction email can help the relationship start on a positive note.

Depending on the person you’re “meeting,” you would probably mention different details. For example, if you’re meeting a new team member, you might tell them a bit about your role and how long you’ve been at the company, whereas if you are meeting a potential client, you might focus on the product you represent and how you believe it could benefit them.

Just like an in-person meeting, keep the initial introduction short and to the point. You don’t need to say everything in the first minute—more details can emerge as the conversation progresses.

5 Tips for Writing a Great Introduction Email

Introducing yourself can be stressful, no matter the context. One nice aspect of doing it via email is that you can take the time to re-read and edit as much as needed to make sure it sounds exactly how you envision it.

#1 Make the subject a specific one

The subject of your email should give the email recipient a good idea of what to expect when they read your email. It should also be relatively concise. People read over 40% of emails on mobile devices, and it’ll help the reader if they can see the entire subject line.

Pro tip: If you’re having difficulty writing a compelling subject line, wait until the very end. Write the body of the email first, read through it, and think about what the core idea of your email is.

#2 Set the tone with your email greeting

The first sentence sets the tone of your email correspondence. For an introduction email, it’s best to err on being more formal. This is one way to show respect and create an excellent first impression. If you can, try to add a small positive word. This kicks off the email with some optimism.

#3 Use the BLUF method

Very few people will thoroughly read a 2,000-word introduction email. In the best-case scenario, they might skim over it, but depending on how busy they are, they might not even have the time to do that. Writing a concise email demonstrates your respect for their time.

Do: “Hi Dan, I was wondering if you would be willing to share the research on ABC you cited in the meeting today. I think it will be helpful to me with a project on XYZ that I’m working on.

Why did that help? In the first instance, you’re creating extra work for you and the recipient by necessitating additional communication. There is no way for Dan to know if your question is quick or if you’ll end up calling him for 30 minutes.

Don’t: Hi Anne, Jaimie and I were talking about you earlier today and were wondering if you would consider helping with a bake sale we are planning for next week. The proceeds would go to help refugees.

Do: Hi Anne, Would you like to participate in a bake sale next Saturday from 3-5 pm? All proceeds go towards helping refugee families acclimate to the US. If you’re willing, we could use a few gluten-free desserts.

Why did that help? Notice how in the first instance, Anne wouldn’t know what you’re talking about until the end of the message—the fact that you and Jaimie were talking about her is pretty irrelevant to the end goal of the correspondence.

The second message gives her all the information she will need—the date, time, and type of baked goods you want her to bring. She would be able to respond to that message with a definitive yes or no response.

#4 End with a memorable signoff

#5 Proofread before you send!

Pro tip: Read your email out loud. This can help you notice little errors that might slip by if you’re just reading it in your head. If you’re more tech-savvy, you can download a grammar checker like Grammarly to correct your errors in real-time.

Bonus Pro Tip: If the email doesn’t need to go out immediately, wait an hour or two after writing it to read through it again. Sometimes fresh eyes can help you notice little mistakes that would otherwise slip past.

Templates for Introducing Yourself in an Email

How to introduce yourself in an email for a job

Some companies are too open and free. An example is Shutterstock, which has games rooms and open mic nights for employees. In that case, keep your email tone upbeat and friendly. On the other hand, keep it formal if it’s a serious and professional company.

Once done, go through the text multiple times to correct any errors. Most companies become skeptical of your abilities when they encounter grammar mistakes in your email. Make use of Grammarly extension to do the brushes.

New Employee Self-introduction Email

It’s an introduction email to your new colleagues and will mostly go to your directorate or departments. If you’re hired for a senior-level position, it may go to employees in all branches.

Once you’ve sent the email, you’re likely to get new employees coming to say hi. It’s a bonus point to fill your desks with treats for anyone. It’s a simple but powerful gesture showing how much a team player you are.

Self-introduction Email To Team

The type of introductory email is somehow similar to the one above. The only difference is that it narrows down from the whole organization to the team you’ll be working with directly or reporting to you.

This means that you’ll need to give them more information. The length of the email depends on what you want to communicate. However, you don’t want to put down all your new plans, structure, strategies in a single email.

Self-introduction Email To Client

My name is Martin. A and the new Content Marketing Manager at (company). I’ve recently joined the company and will be taking over as the new contact point for the content marketing project moving forward.

Professional self-introduction email sample

My name is Martin. A and I’m the new Content Marketing Manager at (company). I’d love to introduce myself to you and see how we can establish a robust relationship between our two businesses.

Self-introduction email – samples

Thank you for signing up with our company. At R Corp, we pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service, work ethic, and quality. We have many different products and services for you to try. You can check them out here:

My name is Sarah Smith, and I am writing to introduce myself as the ABC company’s new marketing manager. Having taken over the position recently, I am excited to meet everyone and discuss how we can work together towards continued success in the future. Should you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

My name is Emilia John, and I am a huge admirer of the work that West Technologies is doing. I am reaching as I saw your email address listed as the contact person for an open Technical Project Manager position online. I have attached my resume to this email, and I hope you will consider me for this role.

My name is Kelly, frontend engineer for XYZ technologies. I found your email address as the contact person for the open Frontend engineering position online. I am reaching out to learn more about the position. Please let me know how can I apply for the position. Thanks and regards,

I recently read about your success as a data analyst. My name is Ryan Richards. I am a graduate student reaching out to you because I hope to interview you to learn about your job and its relation to market research. I am happy to meet at a time and place that is convenient for you.

I am a friend of Lucas Miller, who has told me a lot about your successful marketing campaigns and I was really impressed with it. As I have just started out my career in marketing, I would love to learn more about your approach.

I hope this email finds you well. I wish to introduce my new colleague Amy Blake. She has recently joined us and will be taking over product management. I have CC’d Amy in this email, so please feel free to connect.

I wish to extend a wholehearted welcome to you on behalf of ABC company. We have exciting things going on, and we are delighted to have you as part of our family. Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Writing an introductory email might seem challenging, but once you master how to introduce yourself in an email, it opens a lot of doors with exciting opportunities for you. Putting time and effort into writing a self-introductory email is bound to get you a favorable reply. You can use an introduction email example to create the best introductory email for yourself get access to several new opportunities.


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