Is Tesla Solar Roof the Solution for Your House?

Tesla Solar Roof is ready to change the future and help consumers save more on their energy bills. Tesla announced in 2017 that they are launching the new Solar Roof and made people quickly become crazy about it. Their proposed solution requires to replace your old roof to a new Tesla roof which impresses with its sleek design, durability, and efficiency. Tesla positions its product on the premium category, promising impressive results on the long-term.

Elon Musk is already a figure in the industry, known for their energy projects. He used the people’s obsession for their house looking good and paired it with his interest in renewable energy sources and environmental protection. Therefore, Tesla Solar Roofs come with various tiles designs which seem to look better than any other solution on the market.

Are Tesla Solar Roofs another step into a better world or just a big name with nothing behind?

There’s no doubt that Tesla’s Solar Roof is unique. While in a conventional scenario, the solar panels are installed directly on the roof, Tesla does things a bit different. In their case, each shingle is actually a small solar panel, producing energy for your home. Therefore, your rooftop will look extremely elegant, being at the same time energy efficient.

However, there are still many questioning if this is going to be a breakthrough for the future or just a flawless marketing plan with nothing new to offer?

Tesla Solar Roofs PROs

  • Amazing design. Tesla did a great job in creating a unique and slick design for their solar rooftops. The solar panels are practically invisible. You can choose from 4 different tile designs which match to any type of home. In addition, Tesla is still not mass-producing. Therefore, their customers are part of an exclusive group who chose be part of the future before anyone else.
  • Extended durability. Tesla likes to play big and obtained several certifications for wind, fire, and hail protection. They obtained the highest scores in all these tests. So, these results show that their tiles are three times stronger than most traditional roofs.
  • Maximum warranty. The remarkable results received in all the tests they did allows Testa to offer a generous warranty. They offer a 30-year warranty for electricity production and weatherization. On the other hand, they offer a lifetime warranty for their tiles which means that you will be covered in case any defect or breakage appears.

The CONs

  • In comparison to a traditional rooftop, Tesla Solar Rooftop is more expensive. Even if you would choose to replace your rooftop to a traditional one with a solar array on it, the investment would still be lower than choosing Tesla’s solution. Accordin to the numerous assignment help reviews, this makes people think of the amortization and consider the price a critical point that they need to consider.
  • Tesla is already producing their rooftops in Buffalo Gigafactory, but it is still unclear when it will be available for the mass-market. Therefore, even if you consider that this is an investment worth your money, you will still have to wait until the product becomes available for you. For the moment, there is still a waitlist that Tesla needs to clear.

Tesla offers a premium rooftop solution which promises long-term benefits. It is a proven fact that the solar technology will provide enough energy for your entire house and save you a lot of money. However, you will need to also take into consideration the other aspects like the high price and availability issues.